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Morganite vs. Diamond Rings: What’s the Difference

In the old days, who would have thought that there would come a time when the world-famous diamond ring made of the hardest substance on earth would have to compete for its place with a lesser-known stone ring now known as the Morganite ring?

Classic diamond engagement rings have been a staple of the last century. Nowadays, morganite engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, so it's no big deal if you haven't heard of the morganite stone before. Now newly married couples are choosing non-traditional engagement rings to try something new like the Morganite ring which is one of the first choices of people nowadays.

So it is important to understand what sets the Morganite ring and the Diamond ring apart from each other. Let us get you out of that thought and help you come to a conclusion when differentiating diamond and morganite.

Morganite Rings Vs. Diamond Rings: What’s the Difference



Morganite rings have an attractive, romantic appeal due to the morganite’s peach and pink shades. Morganite stone well goes with rose gold and yellow gold metals. On the other hand, diamond rings offer a special bright, sparkling brilliance. But sadly, it is rare to find diamonds with pink and peach shades like morganite. 


Nobody can deny that diamond rings are the first pick either for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or daily wear ring. Diamond engagement rings are a century-old tradition.

However, if you want something unique that can be the talk of the town, so you should give a try for a lustrous morganite ring. Diamonds are traditional stones, chances are you won't notice a piece of jewelry among friends, but with Morganite, you can probably be the center of attention with all eyes on you because your ring is exceptional.



Diamonds have been around for centuries. They are not chosen for traditional engagement and wedding rings for nothing. Their luster, purity, production, and rarity make them coveted. This is why Morganite stones are not as coveted as they are. It shouldn't be surprising if people aren't as attracted to morganite rings as they are to diamond rings.


Did you know that diamond is the hardest gemstone on earth, at 10 degrees on the Mohs scale?

This means diamond rings are durable and resistant to harsh conditions. If we talk about Morganite, it is not as resistant to scratches and shocks as diamond. No doubt that morganite rings are durable and, surely, they will last for a long time if maintained with care.



Morganite Rings win here completely.


If you have a low budget, but still you want something as attractive and unique as diamond rings, morganite can be the first choice. Morganite rings are much more affordable than diamond rings.



Diamonds do not get dirty easily so they require less maintenance. And if your diamond ring gets dirty, you can't clean it yourself; you will have to get it cleaned by an expert jeweler.

Morganite rings, on the other hand, get dirty easily and you have to clean it frequently, sometimes even twice a week, to make it look stunning. Fortunately, Morganite stone is easy to clean - just take a brush and a little soap and rub.


If you want a ring that is versatile or matches easily with any outfit regardless of color, choose a diamond ring. Diamond rings go with any outfit, regardless of color and type. Since Morganite has light peach and pink colors, morganite rings go with a handful of colorful outfits such as pastel-colored dresses, black or white.

Morganite Rings Vs. Diamond Rings: Which One is Better


So which one will you go for - A morganite ring or a Diamond ring? Well, it's your decision based on your personal style and budget.

Don't think too much! Whether you go for a diamond or morganite ring, both look stunning and can be a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

We're sure you'll love whatever you choose!