How to choose the perfect diamond for your dainty engagement ring

Selecting an engagement ring that is just right takes time. Moreover, you must have spent a great deal of time scouring the internet, flipping pages of high-end fashion magazines to get your hands on the perfect and latest diamond engagement ring designs.

However, the exciting journey sometimes stumbles upon the question of how to choose the perfect diamond for your dainty engagement ring. And that's where this blog is going to be of use to you. 

We have curated some crucial tips that you can follow to choose the perfect diamond for your dainty engagement ring:

Let’s start with the basics. Before making a purchase look at the 4 Cs. 

  • Color: what color the diamond is has a lot to do with its quality and preference. A diamond has color, and it is graded on a D-to-Z scale. Score D means that a diamond is completely colorless, which means it's a rarer one and more highly sought-after. Whereas, score Z means a diamond has a light yellow or brown color. 
  • Clarity: Diamonds have a clarity scale ranging from included to flawless. A diamond is considered clear when it does not contain any inclusions (internal irregularities) or surface irregularities that are considered blemishes. The more clarity, the more it is preferred.
  • Cut:The cut of a diamond relates to how perfectly proportioned its dimensions are and how these surfaces, or facets, have been set to generate sparkle and brilliance.
  • Carat Weight: To explain it simply, diamond carat weight measures how much a diamond weighs. 


Some weights are considered “magic sizes” – quarter of carat 0.25ct - half carat 0.50ct, three-quarter carat 0.75 , and carat 1.00 ct  Visually, there’s little difference between a 0.99 carat diamond and one that weighs a full carat. But the price differences between the two can be significant.

Now that you know about the 4 Cs, it's time to prioritize your requirements, based on which you can immediately filter out the ones that don’t fall under your priority. This will save you time, effort, and possibly some dollars.

1. Find which diamond shapes and cut styles suits you

To your surprise, diamonds come in a variety of cut styles, and shapes. The shapes of the diamond range from round, oval, cushion, asscher, radiant, princess, pear, emerald, marquise, and heart shaped diamonds. The round cut diamonds are liked by people with a more traditional outlook, and the rest of the fancy shapes are preferred by people seeking fresh, eye-catching designs.

2. Diamond behave different under different lighting

Diamonds sparkle differently under different lighting conditions. For instance, in the warm light settings that are mostly used in the jewelry showroom, diamonds reflect the most light they receive, making them look superbly dazzling. However if you’d look at it in the natural light(sunlight) it won’t sparkle as much as it was inside the showroom 

It's imperative for you to know that incandescent light diamonds show their magnificent fires ( colored flashes of light), whereas fluorescent light diamonds look the brightest. hence, don’t get confused with the performance of your diamond when you look at them in different light settings.

3. Pick a metal for the band

Yellow Gold and white gold are the types of metals that are preferred by people. Both have different characteristics. Their colors impact the appearance of a piece of jewelry and set off the color of a ring’s gemstones differently.

4. Choose the setting

Diamonds are kept positioned through settings in the rings. The setting not only functions as a guard for the gemstone but also protects it from physical harm.

Generally, we use two types of settings. The first one which is mostly preferred is the petal setting with 6 prongs this is also our signature, the other one is the classic round prong setting with 4 prongs,, and the other  both settings  secure the diamond. 

5. Pick a reputable jeweler like NOOI 

Diamonds are women’s best friends, but for men, they can be a little not-so-friendly due to the cost, which weighs down their pockets. Hence, it's important that you choose a reputable retailer before you embark on the journey to select the diamond for your engagement ring. A reputable retailer will not only be able to demonstrate the differences between apparently similar diamonds but also have credibility, on which you can invest your trust to get the right diamond for your fiance.

6. We offer diamond certificate on 0.3 ct and above

Buying diamonds is more like an investment, and that too is a heavy one. Thus, asking for relevant certifications proving its authenticity and peculiarities is a crucial task. 


Buying a diamond engagement ring for your fiance is exciting and, at times, confusing. To clear the clouds of confusion related to the diamonds, we have helped you through the tips we have curated for you. However, there's still one more thing left for you to do, and that's finding out your partner's style, taste and preferences. And to get an idea about that, the only tip we have is to ask the help of your lovely lady’s friends and family to find out which diamond type sparkles in their eyes.