Quality Assurance – NOOI JEWELRY

Quality Assurance

We are a registered company at the Italian chambers of commerce in Italy and all our jewels come with the hallmarks that guarantee their purity against all legal standards of purity (fineness).

Hallmarking gives consumers an assurance regarding the purity of the gold they are buying.


  1. The first stamp is of our registration number
  2. The second mark indicates the quality of the gold. This shows the fineness of the metal – ie purity of the precious metal content in parts per 1000.  For example, 750 parts per 1000 by weight is equivalent to the old 18-carat gold standard or 585 parts per 1000 by weight is equivalent to 14-carat.
  3. The third mark is ITALY, and
  4. Fourth mark is NOOI

As a registered jewelry company all the stamps are officially registered at the italian chamber of commerce.

All the stamps are marked with a press in the inner part of the shank as a guarantee of the purity of the gold and guarantees of the authenticity of the rings.


We only work with reliable suppliers from Europe who adhere to the Kimberley Process standards which means each of our diamonds is conflict-free. All Round diamonds of over 0.30 carat come with a GIA certificate and that is a testament to the quality of the stone.

All of our stones and diamonds go through an extensive quality check to ensure the best color and clarity. After the quality check, they are hand-set by master craftsmen.

Certificates Note* The Coloured gemstones and Black diamonds are not certified. Because of their opaque nature, black diamonds can not be graded on the GIA Clarity scale and the testing might give inaccurate results, thus they are not certificated.