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Best Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry Brand

What's more empathetic than a dainty engagement ring or a beautiful wedding band to delight and charm your love and forever bond. A mark of compassion, loyalty, trust, and credibility nurturing the purest feelings that could nourish the deepest sense of affection you both have for each other. Imagine a solid gold ring with a beautiful ethically sourced diamond brought straight from Italy's wonderful country. The very bemusingly beautiful ring with an unparalleled luxe that ushers in rejoicing for a lifetime. The trust and credibility developed through a consciously crafted eco-friendly nature add to the magic of such pleasing jewel pieces. Recyclable metals, conflict-free stones, and even repurposed jewelry and components, there’s everything for everyone under this very classified Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry Brand called NOOI

Nooi Jewelry- A Name Evolutionizing Ethical And Sustainable Jewelry

We have been an established name in the industry to make inroads on a path toward unparalleled growth and success with a team of dedicated and skilled professionals with nearly 30 years of experience in jewelry designs.

  • All the jewelry pieces are designed and made in our workshop in Venice, Italy, with great attention to fine details and quality checks. We specialize in small collections and bespoke orders,
  • All gold that is used in NOOI Jewelry creations is not only ethically sourced but also recycled from the Italian - European semiconductor Industry and recycled gold from the jewelry industry at a purity of 99.9%.
  • At NOOI Jewelry No harmful chemicals are used in the production process. All jewels are handcrafted with gemstones and diamonds that are handpicked and the handset and produced in limited quantities to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Transforming great design ideas into quality jewel pieces

Our love to create magic out of this very lovely craft defines the real transformation of design ideas into jewelry pieces. Your search for fine rings with intricate details and real material gets a compatible choice here at NOOI, with handcrafted pieces ready to shine bright in the sunlight! Those pursuing the real finesse witness NOOI as an excellent guide on size, styles, and pairings. Here, you even get to sway well with the insights for creating a custom wedding ring to complement the engagement ring. The rings are beautiful and very well made.

A carefully curated and quite exclusively crafted collection suits every bride's and groom's choices inch-perfectly. A perfect blend of experts' creativity and modern technology, all our jewelry pieces are made to shine with timeless charm. Some of the highlights of a world-class jewelry collection include:

Aquamarine three-stone engagement ring

Handcrafted out of a wonderful stone that goes well with a lot of different styles, aquamarine’s rich symbol makes it an impeccable choice as an engagement ring. The ring is quite an exquisite example of daily wear in addition to being the perfect aniversary gift. This elegant Aquamarine three-stone engagement ring features interwoven prongs that embrace natural aquamarine as the centrestone and the two brilliant round cut diamonds as the side stones. The petal setting engagement ring finds a great application as an alternative engagement ring. 

Vintage-style engagement rings

These very versatile and stylish-looking white topaz and diamond rings are a sparkling star in the constellation of jewel pieces. An ideal example of some of the best ring design ideas transformed into reality, these vintage-style engagement rings offer a versatile choice to the wearer. The diamond sparkle with intense white color in the center is circumscribed by the eminent presence of the solid gold making the ring choice aesthetically pleasing. 

Solitaire engagement ring 

O.25 carat diamond ring, a perfect ring for layering, nice to wear every day, and a sweet anniversary gift, solitaire rings are one of the best in NOOI's closet. Termed as a unique alternative ring choice for the modern bride, a solitaire engagement ring can look different if it's stacked with fun and funky wedding bands. A unique alternative engagement ring for the modern bride

NOOI Jewelry-Your one-stop-shop for desirable jewelry pieces

Bejeweled with fine craftsmanship and bedazzling with the state-of-the-art quality, your desires and admiration for the finest in jewel pieces are fulfilled here at the NOOI Jewelry. 18-carat gold, 14-carat gold, silver, genuine diamonds, and natural gemstones, the jewel pieces are handcrafted to perfection in the presence of top-notch artisans and high-quality materials. 

Bespoke service:

Speak with us about your idea, we are always happy to offer personalized service and create customized products for you. Never Compromise on quality when looker for admirable jewelry pieces!