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Would Alexandrite Make A Great Engagement Ring?

The Alexandrite Stone

Discovered in the emerald mine in the Ural mountains of Russia for the first time, Alexandrite is one of the astonishing gemstones in the rare gemstones category. It is named after Russian czar Alexander II. The most remarkable property of this unique gemstone is its color-changing property. Aficionados often call it ‘emerald by day and ruby by night.’ It appears to be a gorgeous green in daylight and ravishing red in incandescent light. Now, it is found in different geographies like Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, East Africa Brazil and is exceptionally rare. 

In its rough state, this surreal stone can range from being transparent to opaque. However, once cut, shaped, and polished, alexandrite showcases vitreous luster.  


Let’s know more about some of the important properties of alexandrite, followed by getting an idea about its cost. 

Color change

The most magnificent property of alexandrite is its color-changing property. the color range differs in a different geography. Some show a yellowish-green to purplish-red color range. The color change phenomenon occurs due to the absorption of light by the chromium present in the stone.   


Though not as hard as diamond, alexandrite is significantly hard and thus durable. Even if you're somebody who uses hands in the line of work, alexandrite would be a great choice.   


The cost of alexandrite depends on the hues. The more green or red the stone appears in the respective lights, the more.is its value and hence cost. As the hues become lighter depending on the geography, as mentioned above, the cheaper the stone becomes.    

Alexandrite Ring: The Epitome of Grandeur

After acquiring knowledge about the alexandrite stone, you must be impressed with the astounding feature of this serene stone. Now let’s talk about if you should consider it as the symbolism of your lifelong promise as an engagement ring. Alexandrite is- 

As Unique As Your Bond

Each individual walking around the world carries a certain set of qualities that makes them unique, like you and your partner. And when these unique individuals meet and fall in love, they create a unique bond with each other. And to cherish such a one-of-a-kind connection, what else could be better than a unique alexandrite ring as a token?

As Rare As Your Love For Each Other

If no two individuals are the same, how can their love be the same as others? 

Well, it's not. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings you feel. Each person in your life loves you in special ways. And that special way is rare for each one of us. Just like alexandrite responds to a different light in the form of a rare beautiful color.   

As Beautiful As Your Future Together

When we promise something to someone special, be it a vacation or a piece of jewelry. we try to keep it most ardently. Why?: 

Because looking at those beautiful curves on their face when they get happy, and smile is a beautiful sight for us. Our passion and enthusiasm go to the next level when it comes to promising them lifelong happiness and companionship in a beautiful future, like a beautiful alexandrite stone in a ring.     

As Strong As Your Promise

Life tests your bond through ups and down. And you try your best to hold on to each other and stand strong in that test as the alexandrite does. It is relatively hard. Around 8.5 on the Mohs scale. It has exemplary toughness. This makes it an excellent choice for beautiful engagement rings that your partner can wear daily. 

Now, what do you think? Isn’t it what you were looking for all along?

Indeed, it is. Alexandrite rings would become the most beautiful engagement ring. It would look even more gorgeous on your partner's finger as the exemplary symbol of your everlasting promise. 

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The Lab Created Elegance 

At Nooi Jewelry, we source our Alexandrite directly from the factory that uses the system “pulled process”. The pulled process is the same process followed to create emeralds. The lab-grown Alexandrite has the same properties which are found in natural Alexandrite like its color-changing property, durability, etc. The chemical formula of lab-grown Alexandrite contains chrysoberyl, silicon, and metals, most of which are found in natural Alexandrite. The chemical formula of the lab-grown Alexandrite is BeAl2O4:Cr3+